Technical issues at Jersey Met office - resolved!

Looking out for showers is the only way as the radar has not been working! Credit: ITV

With a bank holiday and half term week attracting visitors to the island, many of us are keeping a close eye on the risk of thunderstorms in the forecast. It has been tricky for Jersey Met, islanders and visitors to check the location of the thunderstorms, as the radar has not been working since 7.30pm on Wednesday. In addition, the live weather observation page has also been out of action since the weekend. Some are taking to social media to question the reason why it is taking so long to repair.

Jersey Met have also tweeted earlier today that a communications cable that is not functioning, and had not been working for over 12 hours.

At 12.30 today, Jersey Met contacted me directly to explain that the issues had been resolved and both the radar and the live observations pages are now fixed. The radar will take a while to come back on line as it connects through the UK Met Office, but that any visitors to the site will be able to access information again. Happy half term all!

Message about the radar on the web page Credit: