Campaigners want Guernsey's Church to stop administering probates

Credit: ITV Channel

People in Guernsey are campaigning for changes to be made about how the probate of a deceased person is administered.

At the moment, a cut of the fee to process a probate goes to the Church in Guernsey, which then gets passed on to the Deanery Fund.

This is even if the dead person was neither a Christian or religious.

Sarah Griffith who is part of a campaign to get the States of Guernsey to fully administer a deceased's bequest, says she is upset her family's money had to go to an institution that she didn't believe in.

The Dean, however, says it is an efficient and cheap system, and the job has to be done by someone.

Guernsey States have said that the Policy and Resources Committee will publish a policy letter in the next couple of weeks to outline its proposals for the future of probate.

It will then be debated by the States.