New Guernsey digital ID card aims to reduce identity theft

The new Yoti CitizenCard is free for all students who are turning 18 this year. Credit: Yoti

A new digital ID card is being launched in Guernsey to make it safer for young people to verify their identity online.

The CitizenCard scheme has been in place for a number of years and has now teamed up with the Yoti app.

The app lets people prove their age and identity to businesses, verify the details of people online, and log in to websites without having to remember passwords.

The new Yoti CitizenCard is free of charge to students who are turning 18 this year and will be available through schools, colleges and charities which work with young people.

It is hoped the card will also be able to reduce underage drinking.

Guernsey residents can fill in this application to sign up for a card.

This provides a safer way for young people to prove who they are, confirm who other people are, online and in person and protect themselves from the growing risk of identity fraud. It also allows students to show proof of age on nights out, without having to carry their passport or driving license, reducing the risk of getting them lost or stolen.

Andrea Nightingale, Drug and Alcohol Strategy Coordinator