New charity to help women who have still births or miscarry

Credit: ITV Channel

A new charity has been set up to help women who suffer stillbirths or miscarriages.

Lola's Project will be mainly focused online to give women support and advice when they have lost a child.

It has been set up by Sasha Holden in memory of her daughter Lola who was stillborn in 2011.

It has been launched on the 19th June which would have been Lola's birthday.

After wanting to complete some form of yoga and pilates to help her body and mind after pregnancy, all Sasha could find was those that would help women interact with their babies.

Lola's Project aims to help women with tips on how to do postnatal yoga and pilates and give them a sense of well-being after their loss.

The charity is also aiming to offer practical information and put people in touch with those that can help them through the struggles of losing a baby.

It wants to direct people to a support network of services that they may need.

The service will be online 24 hours a day for whenever women may need to seek guidance and support.

Links to other help and supports services can be found here: