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Jèrriais 'taskforce' to promote Jersey's language and its identity

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The Jèrriais Advisory Group has been set up in Jersey to help promote the language and to encourage more awareness.

The group is supported by a number of organisations including the Jèrriais team from L'Office on the Highlands Campus.

It's also being backed by Jersey Heritage, Jersey National Trust, Société Jersiaise, Le Don Balleine Trust/IncorporatedAssociation, and the Superintendent Registrar.

The group follows the visit of three Jèrriais teachers and an Education Department senior adviser to North Wales, Cornwall and the Isle of Man to see how they promote local languages.

They are hoping to see if they can identify new ways of teaching Jèrriais in Jersey's schools.

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“Jèrriais is a valuable part of our cultural heritage,and I am pleased to see our department working so closely with other communities in order to bring the benefit of their knowledge and experience to Jersey. It's also encouraging to see the establishment of a joined-up, multi-agency Jèrriais group.”

– Deputy Montfort Tadier, Assistant Minister for Economic Development, Sport, Tourism and Culture