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New water refill and waste scheme in Guernsey

Credit: Ina Fassbender/DPA/PA Images

Guernsey's government is supporting a new water refill and waste scheme to prevent single-use plastic.

Plastic Free Guernsey are to form a partnership with cafes, restaurants and businesses, in a 'refill scheme', meaning no more single-use plastics. By doing so they hope to reduce the demand for bottled water.

A total of 28 businesses have signed up already and will display a sticker in their window to notify the public of these stations.

A 'Refill App' has also been created, it will have all locations tagged for everyone to see.

Tina Norman-Ross, who is the Waste Minimization and Recycling Officer, says the strategy will prioritise waste prevention and reuse.

'Our focus is changing behaviour. All it takes is a few small changes, such as this to make a real difference.'

The launch of the scheme will take place Thursday 21st June at Surf-side at Port Soif- Kiosk.