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Pet cemetery receives complaints about untidy grounds

Credit: ITV Channel

The pet cemetery at Tower Park have had complaints on social media about how the grounds have overgrown.

The reason the JSPCA say the cemetery hasn't been maintained is because their only gardener is away on holiday.

Due to the disappointment of locals in the area, the Parish of St Helier Parks and Gardens team have volunteered to help improve it.

Locals are frustrated with how the cemetery has not been maintained. Credit: ITV Channel

The JSPCA say the gardener's holiday has been cancelled before and with such high demand at the cemetery, it is well deserved.

"We appreciate it is overdue for a cut, but with the wet and delayed spring, and then suddenly everything all over the Island has grown. "

The JSPCA say they are grateful of the volunteers from Parish for helping maintain the cemetery and say when the gardener is back it will be returned to its high standards.

The manager of St Helier's Parks Department has said that they want to get on and get the cemetery looking tidy again.