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Raising awareness of learning disabilities is vital, say employment trust

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A series of educational events have taken place across the Channel Islands to mark Learning Disability Awareness Week.

Guernsey's Employment Trust say raising awareness is vital to get people with learning disabilities into work.

I'm hoping this week will help the general public and employers realize there is an untapped workforce out there of people that have got skills, have got potential that they can bring to the workforce, as long as they're given the right support and the opportunity to do so.

– Nikki Ioannou-Droushiotis Chief Executive of Guernsey Employment Trust

In Guernsey, the adult disability service say they've done more than ever this week to raise awareness.

Meanwhile in Jersey, the Les Amis charity has been taking to the streets of St Helier to build more understanding in the community.

Les Amis stand in St Helier Credit: ITV Channel TV