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RBC to relocate in Guernsey after site sale

Credit: ITV Channel

RBC in Guernsey have announced that they are not leaving the island after Elizabeth College purchased their current premises.

The wealth management group who have been situated at Canada Court for the last thirty years are relocating to another office in St Peter Port.

They are expecting to move during late 2019.

Elizabeth College has said that the opportunity to acquire the land and buildings adjacent to the college is just too good to miss.

RBC have said they are pleased that their current base will help educate the next generation of islanders.

While we look forward to relocating our offices to a new premises in St Peter Port, we’re pleased that the offices that served us well for 30 years will be re-purposed by Elizabeth College.

– RBC Wealth Management

Meanwhile, the independent boys school and the building’s owner are working on a planning application for change of use of the building, to educational facilities and this will be submitted before the end of June.

It is relying on a range of funds to redevelop the building and has said it will have to borrow to achieve the results it wants.

While it is a daunting prospect to put a financial millstone around its neck, this opportunity is so important to the successful future of the College, that it has investigated the possibility of borrowing some of the funds required to purchase the building.

– Elizabeth College

They hope that the redevelopment will be completed before the end of 2019.