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Hidden disability lanyard scheme launched in Channel Islands food stores

The lanyard scheme is launching in Co-op stores from today. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Co-operative stores across the Channel Islands are launching a new scheme starting from today to help people with hidden disabilities while they shop.

Islanders are now able to go to the customer service desk at either the Co-op stores where they will be given a lanyard or pin badge with a sunflower on it which says 'I may need support'.

The scheme aims to benefit islanders with dementia, learning difficulties, or hearing or visual impairments.

In Jersey and Guernsey Grand Marché stores people living with autism are already able to do their grocery shop during a weekly 'quiet hour'.

Staff are being trained to look out for the lanyards and provide additional assistance to people if it is needed.

The move follows Guernsey Airport also introducing the lanyard scheme in December.

Customers with hidden disabilities face challenges in a supermarket, which might make the experience unpleasant for them.

As a community retailer, we feel it’s our duty to provide as much support as possible for disabled islanders.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme will allow our colleagues to recognise shoppers with invisible disabilities so that we can support them in any way we can to make their journey through our stores better.

– Tanya Dorrity, The Channel Islands Co-operative Society’s Community Officer

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