Ronez and Durrell Wildlife win Conservation Awards

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Ronez and Durrell Wildlife have won a Conservation Award for their work to support the return of the red-billed chough to their quarry site.

The top prize of £1,500 will be donated towards the joint effort so they can continue their work on the rare bird release programme.

One of the judges for the awards said the "winning projects are all making a fantastic contribution to nature conservation."

The projects have involved many members of our community and these projects will be enjoyed by adults and children. The people leading the winning projects showed great knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm for nature conservation and they are also keen to share their knowledge by educating others.

Angela Salmon, Insurance Corporation Conservation Awards judge

Runner up prizes were also handed out.

Birding Tours was awarded £1,000 for their plans to introduce Jersey's wildlife to the wider public.

£500 for the Best School Project went to St Peter's School and their Bird-Cam Project. It is designed to encourage pupils in their existing studies of science and Life Cycles.

And Sarah Maguire was given the £250 Conservationist of the Year Award for her BioBlitz project which is an intense biological survey, recording all the living species in the area.