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Jersey rolls out the red carpet for charity film screening

Actor David Tennant greeted fans at the special screening. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey welcomed actor David Tennant to the island for a charity screening of his new film You, Me and Him.

The romantic comedy tells of a female couple who both become pregnant at the same time.

The event is raising money for the Baby Bean Appeal, to provide the Jersey General Hospital's maternity unit with a new wireless fetal heart monitor.

The appeal is formed by the charities Baby Lifeline, Philip's Footprints and Friends of SCBU.

The actor, who is a Baby Lifeline ambassador, says the themes of the film connect well to the help the charity provides.

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Actor Sally Phillips is also a Baby Lifeline ambassador.

Sally told ITV News about the importance of the equipment they are fundraising for.

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It is the first film for writer and director Daisy Aitkens, whose father Michael Aitkens is from Jersey.

Michael is known for writing the BAFTA nominated BBC comedy Waiting for God and is also a writer for Midsomer Murders.

Daisy told ITV News the screening was a chance to show her friends the island.

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