June's weather was very different in the Channel Islands to UK's. Sophia looks at the differences

Channel Islands weather this June Credit: Peter Judge

The UK has experienced one of the driest and warmest June's on record with temperatures climbing into the 30s last week. It was the UK's fifth sunniest June in a series from 1929.It was the warmest June in a series from 1910 for Wales and for Northern Ireland, with England and Scotland ranked within the top 5 warmest.It was also a dry month for England and Wales ranking within the top five driest Junes on record (figures dating back to 1910), with a record set in the 1920’s being broken for South-east and Central Southern England. Here 3.0 mm of rainfall was recorded, just 6% of what you would expect for the month as a whole.

Mean max temperature June 2018 Credit: UK Met Office

Closer to home, the Channel Islands saw temperatures climb into the mid 20s for a time, but we also had a few millimeters of rainfall on Sunday morning, which pushed us out of potential drought conditions after 19 days of no rainfall. (Interestingly, today July 1st, is the warmest day of the year in the Channel Islands!)

Jersey's weather states for Junes Credit: Jersey Met Dept

The temperatures have been a little cooler for the Channel Islands due to the north easterly winds, which have kept the coast lines refreshed, but also we must remember we are surrounded by sea of just 16 degrees in warmth, and the track of the warm air will help reduce exceptionally high temperatures.

Guernsey's weather stats for June Credit: Jersey Met Dept

The high pressure and the position of the jet stream, have helped keep the summer weather going, and as we head through July, new areas of high pressure develop meaning we could see this summer weather continue for a further week or so.

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