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Jersey 'needs to do more' to provide a better parent role in care


People who work with children in care have told ITV News that Jersey needs to do a better job of providing a parental role.

Developing the island's policy on what it means to be 'a corporate parent' was one of the recommendations of the Independent Care Inquiry.

But a year on, people still think there is more to do.

Here's Carly Glover, who is part of a group which is about to rename itself 'Jersey Cares.'

The group have been looking to Scotland to see how they are working to improve the lives of children in care. The country is currently doing a revolutionary review of the care system, focusing on listening to young people with experience of it.

A team from Jersey visited Scotland earlier this year, and a return trip is planned later this year.

Jersey already want to follow Scotland's lead on raising the age that care leavers get support until. In Scotland it can go up to 26.

We don't regard as having any responsibility for a child once they are past 18. Well you wouldn't do that with your own children, and in Scotland that can go up to in some cases to 26. So I think we should be looking at this cut off point at 18 as it doesn't seem to me to be a reasonable cut off.

– John Scally, Caritas Jersey

Jersey's Chief Executive Charlie Parker told ITV News he knows more needs to be done to improve the role of the 'corporate parent' in the island.