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Parents warned of measles outbreaks

The UK and areas of Europe are experiencing large outbreaks of the disease. Credit: PA Images

Parents are being warned to be aware of measles outbreaks if they are travelling to the UK or Europe with children who have not been immunised.

Outbreaks of the disease are being seen in most European countries at the moment. Italy and Romania are the worse affected areas.

In Italy 48 people have died of measles since 2016, while both Italy and Romania had more than 5,000 cases last year.

The outbreaks are also being seen in England due to travel to and from Europe.

There have been fewer than five confirmed measles cases in Jersey over the past decade.

Doctors in Jersey are being asked to offer the MMR vaccine to islanders who did not have the recommended two doses when they were younger.

Measles is a very infectious illness; it only needs brief proximity to one case of measles for infection to be very likely.

Measles sometimes leads to serious complications and it can be fatal in very rare cases. Cases of measles are becoming increasingly frequent in all nearby countries including England.

I strongly advise any parent who, for whatever reason, did not have their child protected in the past with two doses of the MMR vaccine, to now get their child vaccinated.

– Dr Susan Turnbull, Medical Officer of Health