Jersey's Attorney General asks to intervene in high-profile case

Robert MacRae QC, Jersey's Attorney General

Jersey's Attorney General has asked to intervene in the case of two people claiming compensation from the States in what's believed to be the largest personal injury claim ever to be made across the British Isles.

The siblings, known as Plaintiff Two and Three, were allegedly sexually and physically abused for a decade after they should be removed from their carer.

Their legal team are claiming £121 million for Plaintiff Two, and £117 million for Plaintiff Three to cover care costs.

Today, the Attorney General took the unusual step of asking to be involved in the case.

Robert MacRae QC told the Court his job is to 'safeguard the public interest in the widest sense' and he believes it is in the public interest that he intervenes in this case.

Mr MacRae QC wants the court to consider paying any claim in yearly installments, known as a PPO, instead of in one lump sum.

The Attorney General said he was surprised that this hadn't been considered by either party in the case and that it would just need a development of common law to be able to happen.

The lawyer for the plaintiff disagreed with him saying allowing PPOs in Jersey is a decision for the States to make, not the courts.

The Commissioner, Pamela Scriven QC, has asked for all parties to send her submissions about the issue of PPOs by 4pm on Wednesday 1st August. She will then decide whether the Attorney General should be allowed to intervene, and if he is, then we will be able to answer questions in the court on Friday 3rd August.