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Health cannabis shop opens in Guernsey

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A new shop that will sell health-based cannabis products is opening in Guernsey today.

The Original Alternative has opened in the North Plantation after restrictions were lifted on the sale of specific types of Cannabidiol oil products (CBD).

The shop's owner Tina Bolding campaigned for the products to be sold in the island after her husband died of lung cancer in 2016.

She describes the opening of the shop as 'pioneering'.

I very much wanted him to live life as full as possible, which is difficult when you have an illness that's debilitating. Some of the treatments, or palliative care even, have terrible side effects and it was really to try and help him as much as possible.

– Tina Bolding, The Original Alternative Owner

In February, Guernsey's government announced that CBD oil with a concentration of less than 3% by weight would not be illegal to possess or supply.