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Sark preparing to see meteor shower

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Sark is gearing up to see the Perseid Meteor shower with the best night to see the shooting stars expected to be on the 12th August.

Between 110 and 140 meteors per hour are expected to be seen on Sunday night.

And it's expected to be the last time that this specific meteor will be seen until 2026.

For 2018 however, Sark is considered as the best place to see the shower with it's lack of light pollution.

The island is hosting its "Wish Upon a Star in Sark" experience with the hope of encouraging people to come and see the meteors.

For this year it has been inspired by the singer Enya's "Dark Sky Island"album.

The Sark Tourism board are inviting people to come and hear talks from well respected astronomers Professor Ian Morison and Robin Scagell.

The two are on the island from the 7th-15th August and talks will be on a variety of issues from the search for extraterrestrial life to measuring the distances of galaxies.

The Perseid Meteor shower normally peaks each year during a new moon however it will not do so again for another eight years.