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Guernsey's Government reject plans to fill 2 quarries with inert waste

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Guernsey's government has rejected plans to fill the L'Epine and Guillotin quarries with inert waste.

The Policy and Resources Committee (P&R) said that the cost of £300,000 to use the sites for construction and demolition waste, "would not be a good use of tax payers' money."

The Vice President of P&R said that committee members were concerned of "awarding significant public funds to explore options that have little or no chance of coming to fruition."

The Committee was approached in July by the Environment & Infrastructure Committee and the States Trading Supervisory Board, for funding to run an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) at the L'Epine and Guillotine quarries.

It also wanted an assessment done at Longue Hougue.

The EIAs on those alternative sites would have cost about £300,000 and my colleagues and I considered this would not be a good use of taxpayers’ money, given that both E&I and STSB acknowledge they are small and inferior options to the preferred site at Longue Hougue.

– Deputy Lyndon Trott, Vice President of the Policy & Resources Committee

Deputy Trott has now confirmed that more than £200,000 will be provided towards an EIA on the Longue Hougue south site.

The P&R Committee has said that it is writing back to E&I and STSB to recommend the issue be brought back to the States for further discussion.