80 year old jumps out of a plane for charity

Jean McLaughlin is taking on 80 challenges to mark her 80th birthday. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A woman from Jersey has been celebrating her 80th birthday by taking on a charity skydive.

Jean McLaughlin is taking on 80 challenges throughout the year to raise money for the Jersey Alzheimers Association.

These are in memory of her husband who died of the disease in 2015, after he received help and support from the charity.

However Jean will also be doing half of her challenges for a cancer charity, after her daughter was diagnosed with the illness this year. The charity of choice is yet to be confirmed.

Up until now Jean has completed around 40 challenges, one of which was abseiling down Gorey Castle.

And even though Jean says she's scared of heights, she is planning to conquer her fear.

Next on her list is to ride a horse, take a trip in a helicopter, and even do wing walking.

  • WATCH: Jean takes on her skydiving challenge