Tenant's concern for £2,000 deposit to estate agent

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A woman from Guernsey has said she is angry that an estate agents has appeared to have taken a deposit for a house which was supposed to be issued to a landlord.

Lottie Barnes paid a £2,000 deposit which was supposed to be issued to her prospective landlord but it appears to have been kept by Sarnia Estate Agents.

Ms Barnes viewed a property 3 months ago and paid a deposit to secure it with a month's worth of rent for July.

She was due to move into the property on the 20th August after making a final payment.

When trying to contact the company to pick up the property keys, she could not get through to them via the phone, over email or on social media.

However Ms Barnes was able to contact her prospective landlord who said he had not been paid the deposit by the estate agent.

Ms Barnes said she would have been made homeless if her current landlord for another property had not allowed her to stay for longer.

A Sarnia Estate Agents shareholder says he is 'very much in the dark' about why the company appears to have closed.

ITV Channel TV has spoken to Quinten Hubbard who says he is trying to contact the estate agents' Managing Director who he 'understands has resigned.'

ITV Channel TV has also made several attempts, but has been unable, to contact the Sarnia Estate Agents.