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Pollinator Project underway to save wildlife

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Environmentalists in Guernsey are calling on people to rethink how they manage their land and gardens to better support wildlife.

A team of conservationists have launched a campaign called the Pollinator Project.

It involves planting seed on private and public land to grow plants that help insects thrive.

Two thirds of butterflies and 40% of bees are decline in the British Isles with conservationists now warning a fifth of mammals could be extinct in a decade.

The team behind this project aim to create habitats for pollinators.

They're urging islanders to offer up their fields for seeding and for people with gardens to create small habitats for insects.

There has been lots of scientific reports in recent years showing there's been a cataclysmic drop in species and it's because we aren't getting it right. We may plant beautiful flowers in our garden perhaps in July and August but unless our gardens are providing homes for wildlife you just won't get this cycle of life.

– Vanessa Crispini-Adams

If you want to get involved there are six steps to help pollinating insects:

  • Plant for pollinators by growing a wide range of flowers trees and scrubs
  • Allow patches of land to grow wild
  • Create nesting habitats like a bee hotel
  • Let the grass and 'weeds' grow
  • Ditch pesticides

For more information on the project click here.