Pallett wants politicians on board for new skate park

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The politician behind the location for Jersey's new skate park has said he wants States members to get on board with which ever location is eventually chosen.

Senator Steve Pallett has said that work to develop a new skate park won't realistically begin until next spring.

However he has said that as well as getting support of a new site from the Jersey Skateparks Association, it's important that State's members are behind it too.

Mr Pallett who is the Assistant Minister for Economic, Sport and Development, said that before the election in May, States members were clear that "they were for a new, modern skate park in Jersey and we need to hold our side of the bargain there."

Despite discussions in a review into the various sites moving forward, Mr Pallett has said he wishes they "would move forward a bit quicker."

It comes after the an extension was granted for the current skate park to remain open until a new site is confirmed.

Plans to find a new site originated from health and safety concerns at the New North Quay facility.

11 potential sites have been identifued, with locations in St Helier, Les Quennevais, People's Park and the Fort being some of the areas looked at.