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Channel Islanders happy with phone providers, according to CICRA

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A survey by the competition regulator, CICRA, has revealed that 80% of people in the Channel Islands are satisfied with their mobile services.

Meanwhile 75% of islanders are happy with their landlines services

And 72% were satisfied with their broadband services.

Users of Sure, JT and Airtel were surveyed about the quality and reliability of the services, as well as value for money and complaints handling by the operators.

Living as we do, in the Channel Islands, the need for robust communications is very important.

It’s vital that telecoms operators locally deliver high quality, choice and value for money services, and offer proper support when things go wrong.

Our use of mobile and broadband services has been evolving rapidly and it’s essential that our home phones, mobile and broadband services are reliable and perform well.

This survey enables customers to compare how different operators are performing and make properly informed decisions when choosing their service provider. It also gives telecoms operators a clear incentive to improve their service equality, particularly when their performance is benchmarked against UK providers.

– Louise Read, CIRCA