It has been 50 days since the States of Jersey have launched a new website to encourage the public to engage in Jersey's democracy.

So far, four petitions are awaiting a response and two have so far received a response, including one to limit rental prices on the island.

To receive a response from a Minister, a petition has to achieve over 1,000 signatures.

To be debated in the States, a petition has to received 5,000 signatures which so far, none have reached.


Of the 29 petitions, nearly 15,000 signatures have been received.

The website allows islanders to create and sign petitions to bring issues to the attention of States members. was created to deliver an online solution for the public to quickly and easily engage with the States Assembly by submitting and/or supporting online petitions, and as a result,engaging more of the public in Jersey’s democracy. I am confident that we are meeting these objectives having welcomed over 35,000 visitors and seen 30 petitions created in just 50 days – a great achievement for a new concept in an island of just 100,000 people.

Dr. Mark Egan, Greffier of the States