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Plans for largest solar array in Channel Islands released

Credit: ITV

Guernsey Electricity and Guernsey Post have announced plans for the largest solar array in the Channel Islands to date.

The panels will produce around 200,000kWh of electricity each year to power Guernsey Post's fleet of vehicles.

The postal company is currently trying to convert to a fully electric fleet.

I am very excited about the significance of this partnership with Guernsey Electricity.

The prospect of an entirely electric vehicle fleet, the elimination of exhaust emissions and helping generate our vehicle energy requirements by solar power is within our grasp, it is no longer just an aspiration.

– Boley Smillie, Chief Executive of Guernsey Post

Guernsey Post have pledged to have 40 electric vehicles in its fleet by the end of 2018 and hope to double that number by mid-2019.

They say the running and maintenance costs are significantly lower than fossil fuel alternatives.

The installation of the solar panels at the postal headquarters will be double the size of the recent solar array at the power station.

A tender process will begin, if planning is approved, and the installation could begin at the start of next year.