Jersey's government has announced its proposed Common Strategic Policy from now until 2022.

It is set to be debated by the States Assembly on Tuesday 20 November.

The policy states five priorities, six common themes and four ongoing initiatives that the government will commit to during its term of office.


  • To put children first by protecting and supporting children, by improving their educational outcomes and by involving and engaging children in decisions that affect their everyday lives.

  • To improve Islanders’ wellbeing, mental and physical health by supporting Islanders to live healthier, active, longer lives, improving the quality of and access to mental health services, and by putting patients, families and carers at the heart of Jersey’s health and care system.

  • To create a sustainable, vibrant economy and skilled local workforce for the future by delivering an economic framework to improve productivity, by nurturing and strengthening our financial services industry, by enhancing our international profile and promoting our Island identity, by delivering the best outcomes from Brexit, and by improving skills in the local workforce to reduce Jersey’s reliance on inward migration.

  • To reduce income inequality and improve the standard of living by improving the quality and affordability of housing, improving social inclusion, and by removing barriers to and at work.

  • To protect and value our environment by embracing environmental innovation and ambition, by protecting the natural environment through conservation, protection, sustainable resource use and demand management, and by improving the built environment, to retain the sense of place, culture and distinctive local identity


  • To enable Islanders to lead active lives and benefit from the arts, culture and heritage.

  • To make St Helier a more desirable place to live, work, do business and visit.

  • To promote and protect Jersey’s interests, profile and reputation internationally.

  • To improve transport infrastructure and links.

  • To work in partnership with Parishes, churches, community groups, the third sector volunteers, businesses and key stakeholders.

  • To prepare for more Islanders living longer.


  • A States Assembly and Council of Ministers that work together for the common good

  • A new, long-term strategic framework that extends beyond the term of a Council of Ministers

  • A modern, innovative public sector that meets the needs of Islanders effectively and efficiently

  • A sustainable long-term fiscal framework and public finances that make better use of our public assets

A more detailed Government Plan for 2020-2023, that will include costs of plans and how they will be paid for, is due to be published in June 2019.

In 2020, the government expect to propose an Island Plan for 2021-2030.