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New law to protect landowners from cars parked without permission

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A new law to protect people in Jersey from "nuisance" parking on their land has been lodged by the Minster for Home Affairs.

The draft law will allow islanders to remove cars if they don't have permission to be there. They can also apply for an order preventing persistent parking.

The proposed changes will also make it illegal for land owners to interfere with the cars and stop practices such as wheel clamping.

If the law is approved the new regulations will come into effect at the beginning of next year.

Vehicles that are parked on private land without permission can be a source of great frustration for private landowners. Currently, private landowners have few remedies to deal with the problem, and it can involve a costly legal process.

The introduction of this law will make it much easier for private landowners to seek relief from vehicles that have been abandoned on their land or that are causing a nuisance, obstruction or a potential hazard to the emergency services.

– Constable Len Norman, Jersey's Minister for Home Affairs