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Islanders to find out how deputies will be elected in future

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The results of Guernsey's first ever referendum are expected to be announced later today.

Islanders voted for how they want their deputies to be elected into the States in the future.

There were five options to choose from:

Credit: ITV Channel TV
  • OPTION A is for full island-wide voting. This means each islander would get 38 votes and could vote for any candidate.
  • OPTION B would keep the same system. Islanders would vote for deputies in their district every four years.
  • OPTION C means voting for island-wide deputies, as well as deputies in your district.
  • OPTION D involves four electoral districts. Each islander would have around 10 votes and an election is would be held every four years.
  • OPTION E would mean that island-wide deputies are voted in 'a third at a time'. There would be an election every 2 years. and the deputies would serve for six years.

A 40% turn out is needed for the results to be binding which is roughly 12,000 people.

Some islanders weren't able to vote in their own parish yesterday as they had fallen off the electoral roll.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

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