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Jersey schools should test all students for Irlen Syndrome, say campaigners

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Schools in Jersey should test all students for Irlen Syndrome according to campaigners.

The push for early detection tests comes on Irlen Awareness Week, which starts today (Monday 15th October).

They say the tests will help detect the visual processing condition earlier.

The Irlen C.I. Charitable Trust has already started to train staff in the island's schools to recognise early symptons, but she says it needs to be mandatory in all schools.

People with the visual processing condition are very sensitive to light which can make daily tasks very difficult.

The condition is regularly misdiagnosed as dyslexia as people struggle to understand what they are reading.

By filtering out the offensive light waves using coloured lenses or sheets of plastic, it is easier for the reader.

There are currently no standard medical or educational tests for the syndrome.

It is thought that 14% of the population suffer with the syndrome, but may not be aware.

The first Irlen Awareness Week held in the Channel Islands took place in 2014

Irlen Syndrome is more common than heart disease or asthma, and affects the quality of life in serious ways.

By increasing awareness, we hope to move away from costly misdiagnoses and help sufferers access readily available solutions.

– Helen Irlen, Institute Founder

Events taking place this week include screener training, and an awareness party.

For more information about the awareness week, you can contact the Irlen Channel Islands Clinic on