Minister says 'hit and run' cat petition too heavy-handed

Minister says 'hit and run' cat petition too heavy-handed Credit: States of Jersey website

The Minister for Infrastructure has said a law change to require drivers who knock over a cat to alert the honorary police "might be a heavy-handed approach which would place an extra burden on the Police".

Deputy Kevin Lewis advised preventative measures is a better alternative to reduce the likelihood of cats being harmed by traffic.

He was responding to a petition calling to make it an offence to not report road traffic accidents involving cats.

Ministers have to respond to petitions posted on the States of Jersey website if they gain over 1,000 signatures.

In his response, Deputy Kevin Lewis said "cats are already well provided for in the Jersey Highway Code and the Animal Welfare Law", stating that causing unnecessary suffering to a domestic animal (including cats) is already an offence.

He says that certain factors such as age, sex and time of day can determine a cat's risk of being involved in an RTA and proposes working with the States Vet and the JSPCA to make people aware of advice on how cats can be kept safe.

Currently the petition has almost 2,500 signatures and needs to be debated by the States.