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New coffee mornings in Jersey to help anyone dealing with loneliness

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A weekly coffee morning group has been set up to help people in Jersey dealing with loneliness.

Friends of La Pouquelaye was originally set up to help elderly people get out and socialise more.

However the woman who started the project has said that loneliness is not just an issue affecting older people on the island.

Inna Gardiner says that loneliness can also affect young mothers looking after their children and she wants the coffee mornings to be open to people of all ages.

They have been taking place for the past three weeks and Ms Gardiner says more needs to be done to try and combat loneliness.

I think there should be one person who is responsible to oversea community activities, bringing communities together over the island and it should bring together parishes, associations, charities and the States. None of these can do a perfect job by themselves.

– Inna Gardiner, Friends of La Pouquelaye Organiser.

She also says that more work needs to be done in setting up activity sites for people in St Helier.

St Helier is huge, there's 33 and a half thousand people, so you would probably need 4 or 5 community centres.

– Inna Gardiner, Friends of La Pouquelaye Organiser.

The coffee mornings are being held at Centre Point in La Pouquelaye every Friday morning.