Morrisons to open in Guernsey

Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire/PA Images

Guernsey will have a Morrisons from today with Sandpiper CI opening their first store in St Peter's.

The franchise operator will open a further 5 stores in the coming weeks.

Sandpiper CI is replacing the current Foodhall stores with Morrisons which is currently the fourth largest supermarket chain in the UK.

Most of Sandpiper's Channel Islands' mini-stores will now be rebranded into Morrisons Daily.

They say it will create 20 new jobs in Guernsey.

The CEO of Sandpiper has said he thinks consumers will be "pleasantly surprised" with the Morrisons Daily brand.

The introduction of Morrisons in Guernsey follows on from the move to Jersey 5 months ago.

A total of 16 stores were set up on the island in May.