Leah Ferguson: Passionate, conscientious, gifted

Credit: ITV Channel TV

When Leah first joined us, I could see a woman who loved her job. She was passionate about politics and when she was given the Political Correspondent role, you could see this shine through. Personally, I could see her as a National Correspondent one day.

She was always conscientious but also had a wicked sense of humour. Even behind the camera you could get an inkling that she knew more than she was letting onto! As a result, you were totally engaged from the moment she started her story. She was always focused.

The memories I will treasure are those just before we were both about to go on air in the studio. We would have a giggle at the day's antics and a quick catch up in the Green Room, before she did the "hard news story" at the top of the programme, we crossed over in the corridor!

She was talented and clever, intelligent and gifted. A remarkable lady who has been taken from us all too soon.

I will really, really miss you Leah. x