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New system to preserve Jersey Archive records

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A new company has been appointed to help Jersey Archive store and preserve its huge volumes of digital records.

Arkivum Perpetua has a digital preservation and archival safeguarding system which is designed specifically for the heritage sector.

It will be in place by the end of 2018, costing £18,500 per year initially, rising thereafter as more digital records are transferred.

The Collections Director at Jersey Heritage has said that the help to store the digital records is much needed.

The digital archive had grown so much that our local servers were holding 20 terabytes of data. Processes, such as authenticity checks, had to be run manually, which was time-consuming, and the risk of data loss and corruption was an overriding concern.

– Linda Romeril, Archive and Collections Director, Jersey Heritage

Jersey Archive holds the complete public record of States of Jersey, a photo archive of around 1.5 million images as well as digitised artefacts, such as registration cards from the Occupation.