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Calls to stop funding cuts to Guernsey construction apprenticeship scheme

Credit: ITV Channel TV

An industry professional in Guernsey is campaigning against funding cuts to a construction apprenticeship scheme.

Former Head of Construction at the College of Further Education, Denis Riddell, says he feels concerned and disappointed at the recent changes to the States' apprenticeship scheme.

The review of the scheme, which has run for two years, has shown additional industries would benefit from apprenticeships to develop their future workforce, including retail.

But Mr Riddell, now a manager at J.W. Rihoy & Son Ltd, says the extension of the apprenticeship scheme to other trades has negatively impacted the construction industry.

The proposals as they currently stand will decimate the funding available for the Construction Industry Apprenticeship Scheme and re-allocate those funds to other sectors.

These include, retail, dental nursing, veterinary care and a variety of other things.

It may well be that a case can be made to extend the range of Apprenticeships available in Guernsey.

If this case can be made and there is a clear need for such things then additional funding should be provided.

– Denis Riddell

Mr Riddell says there has been no consultation process and no communication from the College of Further Education, who provide the apprenticeship schemes.

He says that ultimately the results of the review will mean a skills shortage in Guernsey.