The Channel Islands Sports Awards 2023: Terms and Conditions

Nomination method and cost:

Viewers in the Channel Islands may nominate people and/or teams for a category that will be in the ‘Betway Channel Islands Sports Awards 2023’ programme (the “Programme”).

Viewers may nominate people and/or teams online via the ITV Channel website.

The categories are:

  • Sure Rising Star;

  • Grant Thornton Team of the Year;

  • Coach of the Year;

  • Michael Lucas Sporting Hero;

  • Betway Channel Islands Sports Personality of the Year.

Viewers in the Channel Islands are invited to nominate via the ITV website.

Viewers must submit their name, email address, the name of the nominee(s) and a reason for the nomination in less than 100 words.

There is no charge for nominating online although internet service provider’s fees may apply when accessing the internet. Please ask permission of the internet account holder.

The Promoter is not responsible for any nomination services promoted outside the Channel Islands or for any unofficial nomination methods as these are not within their control.

Nominations must not be sent in through agents or on behalf of another person, and viewers cannot submit nominations as an agent of any other person.

The Promoter and the Programme’s producers reserve the right to discount nominations if they have reasonable grounds to suspect they have been made from outside the Channel Islands from unofficial third-party nomination services or otherwise in breach of any applicable terms and conditions.

The Promoter and the Programme’s producers are unable to confirm the integrity of any other nomination method except for the official nomination system and numbers promoted and displayed within the Programme.

The Promoter and the Programme’s producers reserve the right to discount nominations from third-party nomination services where applicable.

It is not possible to nominate via any method not stated in these terms and conditions.

Any variation on the format of nomination as set out in these terms and conditions will be announced on the website and such format as announced on the website will prevail.

All nominations will be presented to the judging panel (the “Panel”) in December 2023.

For the categories of ‘Rising Star’, ‘Team’, ‘Coach’ and ‘Sporting Hero’, the final winner will be chosen by the Panel, from the list of nominees.

For the category of ‘Sports Personality of the Year’, the Panel will create a shortlist from the list of nominees of between three (3) and five (5) nominees (depending on the quality of the entrants).

The shortlist will be revealed in early 2024, with a public phone vote to choose the winner.

Winners in all categories will be announced during the Programme, which will be broadcast on Thursday 8 February 2024 in the ITV1 Channel region only.

Opening/closing times:

Nominations open on Monday 13 November 2023 and close at midnight on Sunday 3 December 2023.

Nomination restrictions:

There is no limit on the number of times a person can nominate a person and/or a team. One (1) nomination is sufficient for any one (1) person and/or team to be considered by the Panel. Members of the Panel are also permitted to nominate a person and/or a team.


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