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New £20 note in Guernsey to commemorate end of WWI

Credit: States of Guernsey

A new commemorative £20 note has gone into circulation to mark the end of the First World War.

The States of Guernsey Treasury commissioned around 500,000 to go into circulation and they will feature commemorative text and images to mark the end of World War One.

Included on the notes is the special prefix TGW which stands for 'The Great War'.

There are also a range of poppy motifs on the front and the back of the note including a security hologram showing a denomination 20; a wreath of poppies around a gold seal; and a prominent multi-coloured image of poppies on the back.

The note is the fourth commemorative one to be produced by the States.

The other milestones included the 2000 Millennium £5 note; a special £20 note for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012; and the £1 note for the 2013 De La Rue.

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