Remembering the fallen: Commemorations around the Channel Islands

Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Events are being held across the Channel Islands to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War.

At 11:00 on the 11th November an armistice was signed that saw an end to the fighting between Allied and German forces.

Over 16 million people are thought to have died during the war.

Services are taking place across the UK and members of the public will remember those who sacrificed their lives from the Channel Islands.

1,000 beacons are set to be lit across the British Isles to commemorate the centenary. The 'Beacons of light' as they will be known, will be also be lit in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and UK overseas territories.

They will symbolise the 'light of hope' that emerged from the darkness of the war.

A schedule of commemorations in Guernsey can be found here:

  • 10.35 am - Parade by Royal British Legion from Guernsey's fire station to the war memorial at the top of Smith Street.

  • 10.50 am - Court party gather for procession.

  • 11 am - 2 minutes silence.

  • 11.02 am - wreath laying & short service.

  • 12 noon - Small services held near White Rock.

  • 2.30 pm - Anglo-German wreath laying at Fort George memorial.

  • 7 pm - Beacon lit at Castle Cornet (in time with National Beacon lighting across UK).

Events taking place across Jersey are outlined below:

  • 10:30 - Remembrance Ceremony at Cenotaph.

  • 2 minute silence at 11am.

  • 11:02 laying of wreaths.

  • 16:00 - Royal British Legion Biker Torch Ride. 11 Motorcyclists will light a candle at each parish war memorial (at the parish cenotaphs) before arriving at the Beacon of Light.

  • 19:00 - Jersey's Beacon of Light - a 7 metre high build - will be lit at Les Landes Race Course.

The following events will be held in Alderney:

  • 10:30 Alderney Remembrance Sunday church and wreath laying service.

  • 2 minute silence at 11am.

  • 11:02 wreath laying.

  • 18:00 Lighting of the WWI Beacon of Light.

And here are events being held in Sark:

  • 10:45 Parade and congregation assemble for the act of homage at the Men of Sark Memorial Cross.

  • 2 minute silence at 11am.

  • 11:02 wreath laying.

  • 18:45 Vigil and lighting of candles at Men of Sark Memorial Cross. The sounding of “Last Post” (Mr Ash Jarman).

  • 19:00 Lighting of the WWI Beacon of Light.

A roundup of all the commemorations taking place from the Channel Islands will be on ITV at around 18:20 on Sunday 11th November.