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Aurigny set to buy three new airplanes

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Three new 72-seater airplanes will join Aurigny's fleet.

Guernsey's local airline will invest around £46.4 million in the three new aircraft to replace older versions.

The planes will be used on the Gatwick and other UK routes.

Each of the new aircrafts will have a new system called 'ClearVision' to enable them to operate despite poor visibility.

The States' Trading Supervisory Board (STSB), who look after Aurigny, is seeking States’ approval to allow Policy & Resources Committee to provide a Letter of Guarantee for the loan that Aurigny will take out to buy the aircraft.

The airline say that replacing the older aircraft will save more than £4 million over 10 years.

Whilst the business case clearly demonstrates that there will be financial benefits for the airline from its proposed investment, the STSB also believes that the plans represent a positive and significant investment in the resilience of the Island’s air transport infrastructure at a time when security of air links is a significant concern.

– Deputy Peter Ferbrache, President of STSB

Aurigny's business case will be debated in December.

If approved, the aircraft will arrive on the island in the second half of 2019.