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Guernsey 'skills gaps' to be addressed by a new 'Action Plan'

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A plan which aims to "support the development of workforce skills" in Guernsey has been launched this week to plug the gaps in the island's workforce.

The plan was created after government talks with industry experts and research into the current skills gap.

Skills are an essential part of every successful economy. They provide the basis for innovation and increased productivity.

– Deputy Dudley-Owen, Chair of Skills Guernsey and Member of the Committee for Economic Development

The plan aims to bring employees, training bodies, businesses and government together to develop islanders' skills for the future.

Next year, the plan hopes to:

  • Recognise the need for qualified staff from businesses
  • Consider creating "life-long learning incentives" in Guernsey
  • Support the best growth of digital skills, education and training
  • Look at opportunities to develop and enhance innovation and entrepreneurship in Guernsey

In view of the many years of discussions and research on skills, GIBA is delighted that we now have a clear list of actions to be taken to ensure Guernsey has and retains a highly skilled workforce.

– David Oxburgh, Chair of the Guernsey International Business Association (GIBA)