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Channel Island politicians welcome UK Prime Minister's Brexit plan

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Politicians in the Channel Islands have welcomed the UK Prime Minister's agreement with Brussels on how the UK will leave the EU.

The long awaited Brexit deal was released after the Cabinet approved it in a 5-hour meeting that took place yesterday.

Jersey's External Relations Minister made the following statement:

I particularly welcome the reference in the Agreement to the fact that the UK will be seeking specific arrangements for Jersey and the other Crown Dependencies, that take into account our existing relationships with the EU.

Jersey’s Brexit readiness planning will continue until any deal is agreed.

We have a positive outlook and are working hard to position the island as an influential partner and to strengthen our long-term relationships in EU and non-EU markets.”

– Senator Ian Gorst, Jersey's External Relations Minister

Jersey's Government says that whilst Brexit negotiations are a matter for the UK Government they are "following events closely".

The States say Jersey’s Brexit objectives are:

  • To continue the fundamentals of Jersey’s existing relationship with the UK
  • To continue, as far as possible, the benefits of our relationship with the EU
  • To ensure that Jersey has the right agreements and international relationships in place to benefit from global opportunities arising from Brexit

Senator Gorst will meet with Robin Walker MP from the Department for Exiting the European Union, to discuss the proposed Brexit deal.

Guernsey's Policy & Resources Committee President also welcomes the plan.

Guernsey and the UK Government remain in regular contact in relation to both the Withdrawal Agreement and the future relationship with the EU.

I welcome the reaffirmation yesterday that, as set out in the UK’s White Paper in July, the UK will be seeking specific arrangements for Guernsey and the Crown Dependencies, taking account of our existing relationship and arrangements with the EU.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly made clear that our interests are not going to be excluded from the ongoing negotiations and I am pleased that continues to be reflected in the UK’s position.

As noted back in March of this year the Implementation Period being put forward in the Withdrawal Agreement would apply to the Crown Dependencies, maintaining the status quo in most areas including the movement of goods. It also covers the protection of the rights of EU nationals and of British nationals.

– Gavin St Pier, President of the Policy & Resources Committee, on the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement