Sark 'will have electricity'

Sark 'will have electricity' says Chief Pleas Credit: ITV Channel TV

The ongoing dispute between Sark's government and its only electricity provider has grabbed the attention of the national media this week, after Sark Electricity announced they were turning off the power at the end of the month.

But Conseiller William Raymond says they are working on a contingency plan and there will be electricity on the island after the company cut the supply.

Sark Electricity were forced to lower their prices in August by 14p to 52p per kilowatt hour by Sark's Electricity Price Control Commissioner.

Residents in Sark pay some of the highest prices for electricity in the world.

Sark Electricity were fighting this order in court but say they cannot afford to pay the legal fees. They asked Sark's Government for a £250,000 grant to help them fight their case but Chief Pleas refused.

We have already suffered through a 40% decline in consumption caused by Sark's economic collapse and we cannot cut our costs any further. A 25% price cut for a company that has already lost £65,000 this year is obviously unmanageable. Attempting to operate the company under these conditions would be a breach of my responsibilities as a company director.

David Gordon-Brown, Managing Director, Sark Electricity

Sark's government are considering taking on the company offered up for £1.

Guernsey are offering their support to Sark.

We have been in close discussions with Sark and are aware of all the issues.

Deputy Gavin St Pier, President of the Policy & Resources Committee