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Disability grants available to Guernsey charities and businesses

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Grants worth up to £5,000 could be available to organisations that focus on accessibility, equality and human rights.

They're invited to apply if they have "awareness-raising initiatives", which specifically focus on disability, from Guernsey's Committee for Employment & Social Security.

Guided by international initiatives, such as the UN Convention on Human Rights, the scheme aims to "combat myths and stereotypes about disability; promote respect, dignity and inclusion."

A good understanding of disabled people's human rights has to be built on an understanding of human rights generally, so [we are] keen to support initiatives that will boost the community's knowledge and acceptance of human rights in general.

– Committee for Employment & Social Security

Deputy Emilie Yerby, Ed Ashton and Ellen Pragnell of the Committee for Employment & Social Security are among those deciding who gets the grants.

Those wishing to apply can do so on the government's website.

The deadline is the 14th December 2018 and campaigns need to be finished by 30th April 2019.