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600 tonnes of waste collected in first 2 months of Guernsey's new pickup process

Credit: States of Guernsey

600 tonnes of food and glass waste have been collected in the first two months of Guernsey's new pickup arrangements.

The States says this is the equivalent weight of 100 elephants.

It comes as the new waste plant at Longue Hougue gets closer to starting operations.

The new facility will bale up the island's waste to become 'refuse derived fuel' which will be exported to Sweden to generate heat and electricity.

Guernsey's black bag waste has fallen sharply by 40% since the island's parishes started kerbside recycling collections.

States Trading Assets deputy managing director, Richard Evans, thinks there'll be a couple of weeks left of testing the new equipment.

Only when we are satisfied that each and every component is working as it should be will we commence the commissioning phase...Then it will quite literally be all systems go.

– Richard Evans, States Trading Assets deputy managing director

Guernsey's food waste will be taken to the UK in the future to be processed separately from general mixed rubbish.