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Calls to modernise Jersey tax system but could husbands still be in control?

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Husbands could still have power over their wives' tax affairs, even if proposed changes to modernise Jersey's tax system get the go ahead.

As part of the 2019 Budget, the proposed move to 'presumed consent' would mean wives would not need written permission from their spouse to discuss their personal tax affairs with the States department.

But husbands would still have the power to override that decision.

The rules would also apply to same sex couples and those in civil partnerships, but not to those who are divorced or separated.

The change will be debated by the States and, if passed, will come in effect on 1 January 2019

This proposed change is part of a wider reform of personal income tax, where the States will be launching an island-wide consultation to get public feedback on the current personal tax system.

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