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No pay increase for Jersey's civil servants but a revised offer for nurses and midwives

Jersey's civil servants will have the proposed pay offer implemented without union agreement while nurses have been given a revised offer Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's civil servants are to have the proposed pay increase for 2018 and 2019 implemented without union agreement. It is the latest move in a long-running row between the States and workers from different sectors over pay.

The pay offer announced in August was initially dismissed by the union that represents the island's nurses and midwives.

Today, the Chair of the States Employment Board, Tracey Vallois, said she "regrets" that the offer is being implemented without agreement but that it is "the right thing to do" to ensure that colleagues receive their 2018 pay increases in 2018.

Civil servants met last month and were balloted on whether they would support industrial action. This week, the Prospect union, which represents the island's civil servants, said 93% of respondents were in favour.

The pay offer for civil servants, teachers and uniformed services, which will be implemented without union agreement Credit: States of Jersey

Senator Vallois has also announced that nurses, midwives, manual workers and energy recovery facility workers have been given a revised pay offer, details of which are not being released due to "active discussions with unions".

Throughout pay discussions, the government has maintained "there is no more money", a message reasserted by Senator Vallois to States Assembly Members today.

“These have been difficult and protracted negotiations, which everyone involved is keen to bring to a close as soon as possible. While the States Employment Board recognises the impacts on employees of the rising cost of living in Jersey, we also have a responsibility to all islanders to operate within the available budget. The offers the Board have authorised seek to strike the best balance possible between these competing pressures.”

– Senator Tracey Vallois, Chair of the States Employment Board

Prospect has been meeting with other unions this afternoon, following Senator Vallois' announcement.

One teachers' union, the NASUWT, says it "condemns" the decision to implement the pay award without agreement and that the States Employment Board has shown "contempt for teachers and contempt for meaningful negotiation". The union is now giving "serious consideration" to balloting for industrial action.

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