Islanders prepare for possible Sark electricity switch off

Sark could be plunged into darkness this week Credit: ITV Channel TV

People in Sark are preparing for the worst if the island's electricity supply is switched off this week.

The potential power cut would also lead to the loss of the water supply.

The crisis started in the summer, when Sark's Electricity Price Commissioner ordered Sark Electricity to drop its prices by 14 pence a unit, from 66p to 52p. Sark Electricity said this would plunge the utility into £20,000 of monthly losses.

Now the electricity provider says it will be switching off the power by the end of the month.

Last week the government shipped over generators which are set to reconnect vital areas in the middle of the island, such as the doctors surgery, the Sark Hall, the avenue, the Sanctuary Centre and food stores so frozen food can be provided for the island.

Generators have been shipped to Sark in case they are needed to reconnect power to parts of the island Credit: ITV Channel TV

While the government is making contingency plans, residents are making plans of their own to make sure their loved ones are protected if the island does lose its power.

Sandra Williams has arranged for her mother to go to Guernsey if the electricity supply is lost Credit: ITV Channel TV

My sister and I have discussed what's going to happen with my mum. We've arranged for her to go to Guernsey and stay with family friends in Guernsey. We don't want her sitting at home in the cold and the dark and having to worry about her, as well as having to worry about everybody else in the island.

Sandra Williams, Sark resident

Those who usually provide supplies such as fuel are making sure they stock up as much as they can to help islanders if the lights do go out.

Gavin Nicoll is a fuel supplier on the island Credit: ITV Channel TV

Several people have asked if I've got plenty of fuel in, mainly diesel to power the generators. I've been asked to make sure I've got a little bit of extra petrol in which hopefully will be here next week so people just want to make sure there's enough fuel. If they don't have some form of back up they'll be without everything. You can't cook, you don't have light, you can't get water because the bore holes won't work, you lose everything.

Gavin Nicoll, Sark fuel supplier