Sark will be plunged into darkness if an agreement cannot be reached tonight between the government and the island's power supplier.

Crunch talks are taking place and if a deal is not reached it will mean the power will go off on the island on Friday.

If the power is switched off, it will not only stop lighting but also mean there is no clean running water as this is powered by electricity.

The looming crisis has led some islanders to evacuate over to Guernsey for fear of not having any power.

The saga between the government and the electricity supplier began in the summer when Sark's Electricity Price Commissioner ordered the company to drop its prices by 14p a unit.

Sark Electricity said this would cause them to lose £20,000 a month.

Last week the government decided to ship over generators which would provide a vital supply of electricity to the middle of the island including at the doctor's surgery, the Sark Hall and food stores for frozen food to be sold.