Liberate asking islanders to help with HIV research project

Credit: Lukas Schulze/DPA/PA Images

The diversity and equality charity, Liberate is asking Channel Islanders for their views on how more support can be given to those living with HIV/AIDS.

Today is World Aids Day and the organisation are launching a research project which will provide more information on what type of help is needed on the islands.

Islanders are being asked to complete an online survey to give their views which can be accessed from the charity's website.

Liberate has said islanders do not need to be living with HIV or know someone who has the condition, they just want to hear people's views or experiences of HIV, whatever their personal situation.

One of the reasons the charity is able to do the research is because of a donation received last year which asked for it to be put towards the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Liberate have already been looking at what other charities in the UK have been doing and they have visited the Terence Higgins Trust, the National Aids Trust and StopAIDS to get inspiration.

The CEO of Liberate has said that it is important the charity does the research to see what the picture looks like across the Bailiwicks to see how to proceed from there.

All individual responses to the survey are completely anonymous and confidential, so we hope that those who are living with HIV in the Islands will engage with us by completing the survey. If anyone would like to get more involved in the work, then we would love to hear from them and they can email me in confidence for an initial discussion.

Vic Tanner Davy

The charity has said the survey will be available in English, Portuguese and Polish.